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WEG Commercial Motors announces the creation of the Priority OEM Response Team, (PORT Team)

Bluffton, Indiana, May 12, 2021 -WEG Commercial Motors specializes in manufacturing fractional electric motors up to 5 HP, offering a wide range of customized products to customers in the United States. Market segments served include food & beverage processing, industrial and commercial equipment manufacturing, pumping and ventilation, among others.

According to Mr. Jeff Hubert WEG’s Vice President of Commercial Motor Sales, the PORT Team is dedicated to partnering with OEM’s offering priority treatment and service. The team is a group of dedicated cross-functional design and manufacturing engineers as well as project management experts to work directly with our customers product / design engineers and marketers. The PORT Team works collaboratively partnering with our customers, face to face or virtually, to develop specific custom solutions to meet the needs of our customers and their customers. Our experts and the OEM’s experts will work interactively to design the ultimate motor solution for them and their customers.

“In today’s turbulent manufacturing environment having a dedicated team to take on and design new innovative products offers our customers a safe harbor. Time to market is of the utmost importance in today’s business climate and this team offers rapid innovation and design solutions to meet their needs.” Hubert explained.

For more information on how our PORT Team can support your motor design needs, please contact your WEG Commercial Motors Account Manager